Aug 27, 2016

 I am so happy that so many people wanna participate in my blog. I haven't yet decided if this will be a personal blog or not. Right now I have started switching color codes and switched to my Woozworld account "Spruce" Friend me! Anyways thanks for the support on these upcoming post and here is your first post that is actually about Woozworld. So they released two outfits this week from the winners of the competition for back to school. Stella123sl and Sahnq. Congrats guys! This hair is the best thing to come to woozworld in my opinion. It is so causal but elegant at the same time and its ombre. my favorite thing in the world. I might try to buy some more of this hair because trust me it is gonna sell for sooooo much. Anyways. I still haven't decided on a color code for myself yet. But I just had to make this weeks outfit these colors. I don't know I might have a giveaway. But yeah I really hope you guys like the outfit I put together the hair was made by Stella and the rest by Sahnq I love the choker and also guys this outfit was inspired by the k-pop band AOA Cream- I'm Jelly Baby. Yeah I just thought of the hair when this one came out. I will be posting more later but just alot of things are going on right now please send in those applications (I don't it was gonna be for a deviant art) Ok bye guyss <3

Aug 26, 2016

   Hey guys! My friend Ella just sent me a picture to her Cafe on Woozworld. Please go check out Oppa's Cafe. It is beautiful and deserves the appreciation! It is a classy and cute cafe that anyone could adore. It is set up with rare tables and rare chairs and some Yetibux furniture. This place is bound to impress. Enjoy it!

Aug 19, 2016

Meet Pinella

Hello I am the owner of Woozkinz, Pinella. My real name is Danielle and I live in Florida. I often spend lots of time wondering around my town on the bike and just sit in coffee shops with my laptop and play Woozworld. I am kind of a sassy person so doing formal things like writing professionally is not my thing but I want it to be. Nothing to me means more then the people I meet, especially in Woozworld. You could be your real self to your friends. I hope at some point to be a model (Actually got a interview) I hope to maybe run some type of my own business like I was planning on opening a mall with all colorables throughout the year. It would be so great!

Pinella <3

Welcome to Woozkinz.

   Welcome to our blog. Our blog consist of providing people with information on what they need and want in Woozworld. We provide tips and outfit ideas. Also we review outfits. We provide so much information and hope you can check up on us every once in a while. We hope to make this blog a success and we hope to post often. To summon up this welcoming intro. Here is just a general view of what to expect.

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We hope to see your comments and post and ideas, We want to make this place the best resource to go to for Woozworld so please follow and show this blog some love <3