Aug 27, 2016

 I am so happy that so many people wanna participate in my blog. I haven't yet decided if this will be a personal blog or not. Right now I have started switching color codes and switched to my Woozworld account "Spruce" Friend me! Anyways thanks for the support on these upcoming post and here is your first post that is actually about Woozworld. So they released two outfits this week from the winners of the competition for back to school. Stella123sl and Sahnq. Congrats guys! This hair is the best thing to come to woozworld in my opinion. It is so causal but elegant at the same time and its ombre. my favorite thing in the world. I might try to buy some more of this hair because trust me it is gonna sell for sooooo much. Anyways. I still haven't decided on a color code for myself yet. But I just had to make this weeks outfit these colors. I don't know I might have a giveaway. But yeah I really hope you guys like the outfit I put together the hair was made by Stella and the rest by Sahnq I love the choker and also guys this outfit was inspired by the k-pop band AOA Cream- I'm Jelly Baby. Yeah I just thought of the hair when this one came out. I will be posting more later but just alot of things are going on right now please send in those applications (I don't it was gonna be for a deviant art) Ok bye guyss <3