Aug 19, 2016

Meet Pinella

Hello I am the owner of Woozkinz, Pinella. My real name is Danielle and I live in Florida. I often spend lots of time wondering around my town on the bike and just sit in coffee shops with my laptop and play Woozworld. I am kind of a sassy person so doing formal things like writing professionally is not my thing but I want it to be. Nothing to me means more then the people I meet, especially in Woozworld. You could be your real self to your friends. I hope at some point to be a model (Actually got a interview) I hope to maybe run some type of my own business like I was planning on opening a mall with all colorables throughout the year. It would be so great!

Pinella <3


  1. I really like how this blog is turning out. It looks really nice. Thanks for making this